Sensors play a vital role in the automation of model railroads. They are the eyes and ears of your remote control system. CTI offers a full range of affordable, easy-to-use sensor kits. Of course, all are 100% compatible with the Train-Brain's sensor ports. The following table should help you pick the right sensor for each of your railroad's remote control applications.

Item Description Part # Price
Magnetic Sensor
A miniature magnet and reed switch combination. The sensor's small size allows easy installation without disturbing existing trackwork.
Infrared Sensor
The perfect sensor for use in applications where train length detection is important (e.g. grade crossings, sidings, etc). Contains infrared transmitter, receiver, and resistor assortment.
Photocell Sensor
Very easy to use. Employs existing room lighting as the signal source. Trains passing overhead block the light, triggering the sensor.
Dual Current Detection Sensor

Great for layouts employing block wiring. Electrically senses the presence of a train's motor to determine block occupancy. But this sensor goes one step further. It also detects the train's direction of travel! That makes it an ideal choice for automating signaling systems, where knowledge of not only block occupancy but also direction of travel are important. (Each fully assembled mini-PC board features two independent current sensors.)
(for 2 sensors)
Dual DCC Block Occupancy Sensor

Specifically designed for use on DCC-based layouts, this current detecting sensor treats your DCC signal with kid gloves! Conventional sensors use a diode drop to detect current flow, which distorts the DCC waveform, making it harder for decoders to properly interpret commands. Our DCC sensor introduces virtually no distortion into the DCC signal. (Each fully assembled mini-PC board features two independent DCC sensors.)
(for 2 sensors)
Dual 3-Rail Sensor

For use with 3-Rail layouts employing an insulated outside rail track section. (Each fully assembled mini-PC board features two independent 3-Rail sensors.)
(for 2 sensors)

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