CTI: The Next Generation of Model Railroad Computer Control

The CTI system is a new approach to model railroading that makes controlling your layout fast, easy, and most of all, fun. With CTI, you can interface your entire model railroad to any Windows compatible computer. Tangled wires and overcrowded control panels are a thing of the past. You can now control every aspect of your layout automatically from a state-of-the-art interactive control console, displayed in full color on your PC screen.

The CTI system transforms your personal computer into a sophisticated Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) facility, linked electronically to remote sites (called"Train Brains") located throughout your layout. CTI's software running on the PC communicates with these sites many times each second, to monitor and control the operation of your model railroad.

CTI: A Flexible, Easy-to-Use Control System ... for Today and Tomorrow

CTI is the first fully integrated model railroad control system. Instead of a hodge-podge of unrelated products for speed control, signaling, turnouts, lighting, sound, reverse loops, etc, a single CTI system can now handle all of these functions, and many more, at a mere fraction of the cost. Whether your layout is DCC-based or conventional, your CTI system can tackle all of your railroad's control and sensing needs.

The CTI system is a modular approach to model railroad control, You'll buy only as much control capability as you need. Using CTI's flexible family of control modules, you create a control system that's perfect for your model railroad.

And as your railroad empire grows, your CTI system is ready to grow right along with it. Any number of control modules can be connected to your PC, providing unlimited control power. CTI's innovative "token ring" network architecture has the bandwidth designed-in to address the needs of your layout today and tomorrow. And because it's programmable, the CTI system's flexibility ensures that it can never be outgrown.

But all of this technology is of little value if it's too hard to understand. Despite its sophistication, the CTI system has been engineered to be remarkably easy to use. All hardware and software is included. With no electronics to build and no software to write, you can have your CTI system up and running in minutes. In fact, plugging in a simple modular phone cord is all it takes to install a module into the CTI network. CTI simply couldn't be any easier to use.

CTI interfaces directly to your PC's external COM or USB port, so no changes to your computer are necessary. And using the CTI system requires no changes to your model railroad equipment. We believe the CTI system represents the most flexible, the most user-friendly, and most affordable model railroad control system ever produced.

All of CTI's products come fully assembled and tested, and are backed by a full 2 year warrantee. With our 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, you can try out the CTI system on your layout risk free. So experience the power of CTI computer control today. Your model railroading will never be the same.

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