CTI's innovative software turns your PC into a Centralized Traffic Control facility. You can dispatch trains, configure routes, monitor traffic, and much, much more - all with a single click of the mouse. Or let CTI's powerful real-time operating system take over, and your PC will safely manage mainline traffic, control signals, throw turnouts, etc, all automatically.

With CTI's user-friendly software, it's easy !!!

Model Railroad Control Software
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  • "TCL" (Train Control Language)
    The first programming language designed especially for model railroading.

  • "TBRAIN"
    CTI's revolutionary new real-time operating system for model railroads

  • CTI's easy-to-use point & click graphical CTC panel designer tools

  • Comprehensive 150-page User's Guide, filled with useful hands-on
    examples and programming tips.


  System Requirements:

  • - Windows compatible PC
  •     XP/Win7, 8, 10
  • - 256 MByte memory
  • - SVGA monitor
  • - one COM or USB port
  • - mouse
  • - sound card (optional)

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