• Our Train-Brain software and User's Guide are available for free download:

    • Click here to download Train-Brain (Version 6.1.0) for Windows XP.

      • You will be downloading a .zip file, named "tbrain.zip".
      • Extract the temporary setup files needed to install tbrain from tbrain.zip.
      • Next, run the program "setup.exe" located in the folder where you stored the temporary setup files. This will create the permanent tbrain files. By default, these will be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tbrain.
      • The file tbrain.exe located in that folder is the executable file for Version 6.0
      • If you wish, you can create a shortcut on your Windows desktop to run the tbrain program. To do so, simply right click on any empty region of your desktop, then select "New-Shortcut" from the pop-up menu, and browse to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tbrain\Tbrain.exe". Click "Next", then select a name for the shortcut, or simply accept the default (Tbrain). Finally, click "Finish". You can now start your CTI software by double-clicking on the Tbrain icon on your desktop.
      • When upgrading from an existing copy of TBrain, we recommend uninstalling the earlier version before installing the update.

    • Click here to download our User's Guide for Version 6.1 - A PDF (Portable Document Format) file.

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