Repair Notification Form

We apologize for any inconvenience your failed CTI hardware may cause. To ensure prompt repair of the failed item, please complete the repair notification form below, and click "Submit". Then send your item to:

      CTI Electronics - Repairs
      PO Box 9535
      Baltimore, MD 21237

We'll repair or replace your product, and return it to you as quickly as possible.

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Step 2) Did the item fail within the 24-month warrantee period?
    Yes (The item will be repaired at no charge.)

    No (A repair charge of up to $5, plus return postage will be charged to your credit card.)
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Step 3) Include any information about the problem that you think might be helpful:

Step 4) Double-check all entries then click "Submit" to send us your repair notification, or "Reset" to start over.

   (All data will be transmtted using secure 256-bit data encryption.)

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