• Our Train-Brain software and User's Guide are available for free download:

    • Click here to download Train-Brain (Version 8.0.4) for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems.

      • You will be downloading the file "setup.exe".
      • Run this program to install the Train-Brain software on your PC.
      • You can then start the software by double-clicking on the "Train-Brain 8.0" icon on your desktop.
      • When upgrading from an existing copy of TBrain 8.0, the earlier version must be uninstalled before installing the update.

        Note: Version 8 is a complete rewrite, bringing TBrain up-to-date with the Windows 10 operating system. While it has been thoroughly Beta-tested, we won't be surprised to find a few remaining issues in transitioning from version 6.1. For that reason, we advise early adopters to leave their current version of TBrain installed and make a backup of your existing railroad (by opening your railroad in your existing version of Tbrain and doing a File-Save As to a different railroad name) in case the need arises to revert back to your old TBrain version. Then you should be able to load your current railroad in version 8.0.

  • A copy of the CTI User's Guide is provided as part of the software installation process. If you'd simply like to read a copy without installing the software, you can download it here:

Need a copy of the legacy version of TBrain 6.1 for Windows XP? You can download it here.

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